Blog Post_01 - Celebrating our Launch Day

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We’re officially open!

The Brand New Artless shop is now live! With that in mind we thought it would be good manners to introduce ourselves. So hello, bonjour, g’day! Here we'll try to answer any burning questions you might have for us.

'Who The hell Are You?'

Artless is the creation of two brothers from Bucks. Firstly, there’s me, Jim - A desperately average illustrator with a weird toy robot collection and a keen interest in the odd, and then there’s Steve - He’s here too, you know, doing stuff...

Together we hatched a plan to take over the world change the world with T-shirts. We’re big believers that covering up naked torsos with T-shirts is probably the only way we will ever achieve World peace.

'What The Hell Are You Doing?'

We want to make a difference, big or small, and a great way to do that is to raise money for charity. There’s obviously loads of ways you can do this but we’re not marathon runners, we’re no Mary Berry, and in all honesty we’re not that great around people… We can, however, design a mean T-shirt.

What we want is to give you wearable designs that help you look good and feel good, without hitting you over the head with any dramatic or preach-y messaging (Don't get us wrong, we see the value of 'preach-y'!). Why is this important to us? Because we’re painfully introverted and believe that every man and his dog doesn’t need to know that you’re a fantastic human being. What’s important to us is that you alone get that warm, fuzzy feeling of internal satisfaction that you’ve done some good every time you put on one of our T-shirts.

From these T-shirts we handpick one ‘Super-T’ that gives 100% of its profits to that months ‘Spotlight’ charity. Not only that but all of our T-shirts all the time give 10% of their profits to the ‘Spotlight’ charity too. We handpick a new charity every month…

'How The Hell Do You Choose Who To Give To?'

It’s kinda easy actually. There’s so many charities that are near and dear to our hearts, and there’s incredible local charities that we’re looking to get behind. There’s no shortage of fantastic organisations to give to but we are open to suggestions and we are really looking forward to hearing from you about who you'd like to see in the ‘Spotlight’.

Reach out to us here